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The Riley Smith Group Moves To Compass!

The Riley Smith Group | COMPASS

We are proud to announce that The Riley Smith Group has moved to Compass!

“The move to Compass is helping us refine our game. It has become evident that consumers not only want more, but need more,” said Riley Smith. “Our goal is to deliver the customer experience efficiently, making it more enjoyable for our clientele. Compass’ technology is at the forefront and provides the support and platforms to do just that.”

“The trust we have built with our clients often provides us the privilege to watch them grow from first home to retirement,”
said Riley Smith. “We understand that we’re dealing with people’s lives and that every detail is important. Compass recognizes that time is money and provides a streamlined process in order to help us maintain that detail and trust.”

Compass takes a tech-driven, personalized approach, combining a collaborative community of over 26,000 agents, in-house creative agency, and the industry’s most tenured leadership team. Compass, now a Fortune 500 company, is the first real estate technology company designed to combine high tech and high touch, with no intention of replacing the essential human element from one of the most important aspect of people’s lives, their home.

  1. TECHNOLOGY DRIVEN: Through the use of proprietary technology on an end-to-end platform, Compass has become the largest independent real estate brokerage in the United States.
  2. NATIONWIDE NETWORK: Partnership with Compass allows us to gain exposure with both prospective home buyers and the largest collection of agents in the world.
  3. MARKETING AND MEDIA: Compass marketing resources provide access to exclusive media buying opportunities and unmatched design services in the real estate industry.

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