Julian Acosta

    O: 305-960-5318 M: 786-473-2565

    Marketing Specialist - Direct number: 786-473-2565 | e-Mail: julian@rileysmithgroup.com

    Julian Rafael grew up in Caracas, Venezuela where he studied at the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV). Being entrepreneurial in spirit, he moved to Florida when he was 21 years old to continue with his education and venture off to new opportunities.

    He is passionate about real estate and started his career in the industry in 2005. Julian is skillful in negotiation, market research, and marketing—all things his clients have found useful when buying or selling their properties. Above all, however, he is committed to understanding his clients needs and providing a personalized service.

    Further, Julian’s main focus lies in helping investors and foreign nationals identify the best deals in the market. His expertise goes beyond the simple transaction since he offers financial technical guidance in every purchase and sale. In fact, his clients find this very valuable and feel confident they are making a sound decision.

    He has travelled to China, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Spain, United Kingdom and other countries to present Florida real estate opportunities to international clients. Due to his experience with foreign nationals, he also acts as an advisor to international brokers allowing him to create links and expand business relationships across different countries.

    Julian Acosta
    Real Estate Specialist
    The Riley Smith Group
    3560 Main Highway
    Coconut Grove, FL 33133
    Phone: 305-960-5318

    Julian Acosta

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